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Voters Will Decide On Bonds, As Well As Representatives

by | Aug 31, 2017 | News, School News (K-12)

Walking to the first week of school at Davidson Elementary

In addition to electing a mayor and commissioners on November 7, Davidsonians will decide the fate of four proposed bond issues. One is a $922 million bond for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools that will be voted upon countywide. The other three total $15 million, and apply only to projects in the Town of Davidson. One is for mobility projects, one is for greenway projects and one is for parks and recreation projects. Each will appear as a separate question on the ballot, so citizens will be able to vote for one, two, or all three.

The countywide referendum would accommodate population growth by building 10 new schools at a cost of $481 million. $305 million would replace aging schools, and $136 million would fund 12 school renovations and additions. All those bonds would be created without a tax increase.

The three packages of Town of Davidson bonds include the $6 million in mobility/transportation bonds, $5 million in greenway bonds, and $4 million in parks and recreation bonds. Approval of all three Davidson bond packages would raise town taxes by 3.62 cents over three years.

Each Davidson bond separately addresses a broad range of projects. For example, the $6 million bond for mobility will be presented on the ballot “to pay the capital costs of constructing, reconstructing, enlarging, extending, widening, paving, resurfacing, grading, and improving certain streets, roads, roundabouts, intersections, pedestrian sidewalks, and bicycle lanes, including traffic and safety controls, signals, markers, lighting, related landscaping and streetscaping, and the cost of any related studies…”

More information on the specific projects covered in the three bonds is available at

More information on the school bonds is available at

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Voters Will Decide On Bonds, As Well As Representatives

by | Aug 31, 2017

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In the November general election, voters will decide whether to approve the $922 million bond referendum for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. These bonds will be created without a tax increase.

Included in the referendum are 10 new schools, needed because of growth – five elementary schools, two high schools, two K-8 schools, and one specialty school – at the cost of $481 million.

At the cost of $305 million, seven new schools are slated to replace aging facilities – one high school, five elementary schools, and one K-8.

Twelve renovations and additions are scheduled for $136 million – classrooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and upgrades for career and technical Education programs.