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One Mom’s Journey to Successful Homeownership

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Davidson Housing Coalition

Beth Fisher on the front porch of her new home in Bradford.

Beth first came to the Davidson Housing Coalition in January of 2016. She had been working on her credit with a paid credit agency and was interested in becoming a homeowner. She wanted her now 5-year-old daughter to attend Davidson Elementary School. Beth was also attending Excelsior College of Nursing and working as a Registered Medical Assistant. Family matters and illness became complicated, and she had to take time out from both her quest for housing and school.

After her mom suddenly became ill and passed away, she became unsure of her decision to seek homeownership. Additionally, her father, being in a wheel chair, needed assistance. Beth decided to take a break from pursuing her goals. She needed time to grieve; she and her mom were very close. Gail kept in contact with Beth throughout this difficult period.

Bike riding is fun!

Some months later, Gail learned about the homes being built in Bradford and passed the information on to Beth. They met in person, e-mailed, and called each other. Finally, Beth decided to move forward with purchasing a home. Gail helped Beth to manage her money, repair her credit, and continue to heal emotionally. Gail even discovered a $500 mistake on the closing disclosure; Beth says that she felt like Gail stepped in where her mother would have advocated for her.

Beth had been living in her father’s home, taking care of him, but he moved to an assisted living facility, freeing Beth to move forward with purchasing the house. She maintained a positive attitude and completed all the hard work involved in saving for and purchasing a home.

Even though she still misses her mom terribly, she tries to stay positive. As Beth would tell you “her mom wanted her to own a house.”

Olivia and her friends help with yard work.

Beth and her daughter, Olivia, love their new home. Olivia plays with the children in the neighborhood and rides her bike. Beth feels safe in their new home and is content knowing that it is all theirs. She claims that without DHC, her journey to home ownership would have taken her years, if it had happened at all. Since December 30, 2016, Beth and Olivia are grateful to have a home all their own.

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