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Dan Berei and his Combat Flags

by | Jan 30, 2018 | News

Dan Berei at his sewing machine

Television’s “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe is producing a new show, “Returning the Favor,” which includes an episode highlighting the good deeds of Davidson resident, Dan Berei.

Witnessing the devastating effects of war on his fellow United States soldiers during two tours in the Army, Berei dedicated himself to doing something to reduce suicide among veterans and soldiers. He struck upon the idea of creating United States flags from combat fatigues sent to him by the veterans who wore them. Dan sewed the fatigues into “Combat Flags” and began to sell them over Facebook.

To make them even more meaningful, he prints the name of the soldier who wore the fatigues on the back of the flag. His effort has aided a nonprofit called “Stop Soldier Suicide” that uses funds from flag sales to help treat veterans with psychological difficulties. The video is available here:

Dan Berei’s Combat Flag

Bill Giduz

Bill Giduz was the son who followed his father’s footsteps into journalism. He has been involved his entire life with news and photography in schools he attended and jobs he’s held. He believes now that he’s got a few good years left to devote to The News of Davidson.

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