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Alenda Lux: Symposium, a Day of Celebration on Davidson’s Campus

by | May 9, 2018 | News

Poster presentations by Tara O’Herlihy and Adam Morin in the Wall Academic Center.

A breezy, sunny spring day was the perfect backdrop for the Alenda Lux: Symposium at Davidson College on May 9.

(l to r) Professor Ann Marie Costa; Director of Davidson Arts and Creative Engagement Sherry Nelson; and Professor Verna Case taking in the posters and presentations of their students.

With hundreds of posters, presentations, readings, performances, shows, and demonstrations, the symposium filled the campus buildings from early morning until late afternoon, punctuated by a free-of-charge community lunch under the shade of trees in the Richardson Plaza. Music by student musicians provided lively entertainment.

The college called the symposium a “campus-wide celebration of undergraduate research, community projects, and creative works.” And celebration was certainly in the air today. Classes were dismissed, and the entire Davidson community was invited to join in on the day, giving students and townspeople the opportunity to interact and get to know each other.

The Alenda Lux: Symposium has all the makings of a great tradition for town and college.


Davidson College students, (l to r) Nathan Rudman, Ryan Almeida, Nick Kennedy, and Peter Whitehouse, enjoy the community lunch before their poster presentations.

Marguerite Williams

Marguerite (Margo) Williams is a novelist ("Madame President"), editor, and business owner of A Way With Words. A 16-year member of the Davidson Town Board, she has lived in Davidson since 1977. Visit her at her website.

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