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Town Encourages Citizens to Have a Plan in Case of Flooding

by | Sep 15, 2018 | News, Top Right Box, Town Information

This screenshot from the Mecklenburg County 3D Floodplain map shows the potential flood threats. Look up your address in the link provided in the article below to know where you stand during a flood watch.


The Town of Davidson Emergency Operations Center is monitoring storm gauges in Davidson to be prepared for potential flooding starting Saturday night, September 15, into Sunday, September 16. We encourage our citizens to do the following:

1.  Go to Mecklenburg County’s floodzone map and type in your address:
2.  If you are in a floodzone, create a plan now to move your family to higher ground before it gets to a flooding emergency situation. Some helpful tips are here:
3.  Be vigilant of the increase in water levels near your home, especially during overnight hours from Saturday, September 15 into Sunday, September 16.
4.  Register for CharMeck Alerts at<> so you will receive an emergency notification via phone call, text, and/or email with evacuation or related safety information.  Click the link to “Manage your subscription” to include “Town of Davidson” public safety alerts.
5.  Help us monitor creeks and streams. If they are starting to flood, please call the Davidson Police Department at 704-892-5131 to provide a detailed report.

“Excessive flooding is rare in Davidson, but based on the weather predictions we’ve received, we’re encouraging our citizens to have a plan, be vigilant, and seek higher ground,” said Davidson Fire Chief Bo Fitzgerald. “If you do encounter flood waters, do not walk or drive through – find another route to high ground.”

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