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“Miss Addie’s Gift” by local author, Kate Merrell

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Arts & Entertainment

After years of preparation, “Miss Addie’s Gift: Portrait of an American Folk Artist,” is now available for purchase. The biography is a full-color catalogue/tribute to Statesville, North Carolina self-taught artist, Addie James (1943-2011). Author Kate Merrill, longtime co-owner of Merrill-Jennings Galleries in Davidson, NC, represented Miss Addie from 2000 to Addie’s death in 2011, and during that time helped elevate the artist to national prominence. The text not only includes Kate’s assessment of how to place Addie in art history, but also conveys Kate’s deep friendship with her subject.

After hours of taped interviews, the text weaves Addie’s first-person narrative and her original poems into the presentation. The result is a colorful art book which evolves as a portrait of a unique human being who inspires hope. As opposed to being an academic critique, Miss Addie’s Gift, should appeal to a mainstream audience — anyone open to an inspirational message.

The book includes 160 full color illustrations of Addie’s work and a list of collectors.

It can be purchased at AMAZON and other online bookstores, as well as at select bookstores. Contact Kate directly at 704-280-0266 to buy a signed copy of “Miss Addie’s Gift.”

Kate Merrill is also the author of nine romances and mystery novels, available online.

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