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What’s Next Davidson: Town Launches Web Site for Comprehensive Plan

by | Oct 24, 2018 | News, Top Left Box, Town Information

At the heart of the Comprehensive Plan process – an effort that is being called “What’s Next Davidson” – is outreach. Staff and the consultants will be using a number of methods to try to reach as many Davidson residents as possible. Those proposed methods include:  “intercept events,” workshops, surveys, “meetings in a box,” focused stakeholder meetings, and handouts (literature). In an attempt to reach the widest possible audience, a new web site has been established to provide information AND seek input. Residents are invited to  go to the What’s Next Davidson? website to find out more about the process.

What is a comprehensive plan?  A comprehensive plan is the leading policy document and tool to help a community create a vision, guiding principles and recommendations for decision-making for their town. This consolidated set of policies covers a range of topics including:  land use; transportation; economic development; demographics; housing; health; environment; and others.

Why does Davidson need to update its plan?  The comprehensive plan will directly inform decisions that we make as a community. It does so by helping us to understand our historical context; identify current or anticipated issues; evaluate options for how to best proceed; and, establish a set of recommendations to accomplish our aims. The board of commissioners identified the comprehensive plan as a priority in their 2018-2019 Strategic Plan. Additionally, our last comprehensive plan was completed in 2010 — most communities update or create a new plan every five to ten years. This is especially true for communities in high-growth areas like the Charlotte metropolitan region.

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