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Community Gathers for Local Teacher Missing in Mexico

by | Nov 14, 2018 | News

Russell Miller provided his own reflections about Patrick Braxton-Andrew, as well as updates from Patrick’s family.


Sunday afternoon hundreds of people gathered on the Town Green. They gathered to talk about Davidson son, missing teacher Patrick Braxton-Andrew. Mayor Rusty Knox said he was there less in his capacity as the Mayor, and more as a Davidson soccer dad.  

Nancy Gardner spoke as a “Soccer Mom” to Patrick, and said that their relationship continues. She noted her willingness to make Patrick’s favorite dessert for him when he returns.

Davidson alumnus, Patrick Braxton-Andrew ’06, a teacher at the Woodlawn School, has gone missing near Urique, Mexico. He is the son of Davidson’s retired long-time cross country coach, and grew up in our community. The extended Davidson family is working to mobilize any resources we have to help them find him. Patrick is fluent in Spanish and has traveled abroad in Central America regularly.

Several of the speakers were students at the Woodlawn School, and spoke Braxton-Andrew as their teacher or coach, or even the cool guy who took them to music concerts. Others were parents in the Davidson soccer family. 

People handed out yellow ribbons, and some local business are now displaying yellow ribbons in hopes of generating more attention for Braxton-Andrew.

News of Davidson live streamed the event on our Facebook page, and it was shared by the page that has been set up in an effort to share information about Braxton-Andrew’s disappearance. At last check, more than 6,000 people have viewed the video from Sunday’s event. 

If you have any contacts in the region in Mexico, you are asked to share the information below. 

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