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Continuum Increases Speeds

by | Nov 20, 2018 | News


Mooresville, N.C. – Continuum recently announced that they are increasing Internet speeds for residential customers by up to 100%, while monthly service rates will remain the same. This means Continuum customers will get up to double the speed at no additional monthly charge.

These new broadband speeds position Continuum as one of the most competitive providers in the market. See the chart below for a listing of the previous internet speeds and what is now being offered.

Internet Plan


(up to)

New Speed

(up to)


(up to)

High-Speed Broadband

25 X 5

50 X 5


Accelerated Broadband

50 X 5

100 X 10


Super Speed Broadband

75 X 5

150 X 10


Hyper Speed Broadband

100 X 10

200 X 10


Warp Speed Broadband

200 X 20

300 X 20


Ultimate Broadband


500 X 20



Customers will receive a mailer notifying them of the speed increases they can expect.

Also, to better satisfy the needs of high bandwidth users in Mooresville, Davidson and Cornelius, Continuum is introducing a brand new, even faster, speed called Ultimate Broadband at a remarkable 500Mbps X 20Mbps.

“We recognize the wide-ranging bandwidth requirements our customers have and want to provide a solution for those varying needs,” said David Auger, CEO of Continuum.  “From the average Internet user to the heavy gaming household with multiple devices, we strive to offer our customers options that rightly work for them,” he added.

“Many customers aren’t sure of what speed they actually need for a good Internet experience,” said Ellen Baker, Director of Marketing at Continuum. “That’s why we have the Speed Need Estimator tool on our website.  Customers can click on the icon and answer a few usage questions. We’ll instantly give them an estimate of what speed will work for them.”

The actual increase of speeds will occur on Friday, November 30. Customers may need to do a simple reboot of their cable modem.

Continuum fiber-to-the-home customers will not see a change in Internet speeds and will continue to enjoy speeds of up to 1 GIG.


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