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Davidson Village Network December Newsletter

by | Dec 12, 2018 | News, Senior Community Connections

Important Announcement!
Davidson Village Network Seeking Part Time Operations Director
The Board of Directors for Davidson Village Network (Davidson, NC) is excited to announce the position of Part Time Operations Director.
This new paid position will work with the direction of the board in the following core areas: 
− Member Growth & Fulfillment
− Membership Programs 
− Communications
− Partnerships & Public Relations  
− Fundraising & Special Events. 
The Operations Director will work closely with the following Committee Chairpersons; Membership, Volunteers, Programs, Finance and Marketing; and will have the opportunity to infuse his/her innovation and creativity into the work of this position with their guidance and direction.
Our Mission: We will enrich the lives of older adults, empowering them to thrive in home and community by providing a network of trusted resources, caring support and social connectedness.
Selected Qualifications and Skills 
– Self-motivated; ability to work independently and virtually with general  guidelines
– Excellent communication skills 
– Organizational and leadership skills 
– Ability to prioritize and move projects to timely completion
– Digitally savvy (email, website, social media) 
– Strong networking ability, especially with people, businesses, and other non-profit organizations that serve the same constituency and/or share common goals
– Passion for working with senior adults and deep interest in learning about aging issues 
Work Environment 
− Remote position averaging 20 hours/week 
− Attendance at Board Meetings is required. Attendance at Committee Meetings and Monthly Member Activities as requested 
To Apply:
  Send an email with cover letter and resume. Please submit all items as a single attachment and send to
Cover letter should briefly address the following questions: 
• What is your interest and experience in working with senior adults?
• What is your leadership experience working with volunteers?
• If you were to identify one thing about this position that excites you, what would that be? 
Application Deadline: 
Open until filled, preferably by end of January. Interviews to commence mid-January. 
Thank you for your interest in DVN.
Please visit us at –
DVN is a winner!
Thanks to you, Davidson Village Network received over 1,000 dollars in votes and was awarded extra prize money for being a top three vote getter in the Davidson Rotary Giving Tree Village contest.
Your support of our mission will make a difference in the lives of senior adults in our community! Special thanks to Yuppie Puppy for being our sponsor and those who donated to this successful project!
Making New Holiday Memories
by Cheryl Barrett
The holiday season is here again, a time of celebration & gratitude spent with family and friends.
Many have very happy memories associated with the holidays: for example; a baby’s first Christmas, decorating the Christmas tree, gatherings of family and friends and more. Some have sad memories associated with the holidays: for example: the loss of a loved one, unemployment, loss of a beloved pet, personal health crises and more.
Our perspective and experience can have a significant impact on not just us, but others around us during this time. So how can we reconcile this duality of emotions creating potential havoc?
Shared memories help you stay connected to others in your life and reinforce all the positive experiences shared — both past and present.
Here’s some ways to make room in your Holiday for a Tradition of Shared Memories.
•   Offer up a dinner prayer that includes those we remember. This expands the dinner guest list to more…those no longer with us and creates a feeling of their presence. It also opens the door for memories to come forth with honor, acceptance, a few tears and even a laugh or two.
•   Leave a chair empty at the Holiday dinner table in honor and in memory of the loved one no longer present. This creates a feeling that it is OK to speak about those not present and may ease some tension.
•   Create a Memory Christmas Tree. Each person brings an ornament to the holiday party and presents their ornament and the story/memory that it represents and places it on the tree.
•   For the Holidays, plan ahead and ask each person to write down a special memory to bring and put them all in a festive jar or bag and pass it around for each to pick and read the memory. Or just let each person read their own shared memory.
Upcoming DVN Events
Out to Lunch! Friday, December 14, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm at El Paraiso Restaurant at 20700 N Main St. Cornelius, NC.
Join us for fun, food, and conversation! All are welcome. Call or email by December 6th to let us know you are coming.
DVN Advisory Council Meeting, Thursday, December 20, from 1:30 – 2:30 pm in Davidson Town Hall, 216 S. Main St, Davidson. All are welcome to learn the latest news about Davidson Village Network.
Coffee and Conversation, December 27th, 3:00 – 4:00 pm at Williams Place Gracious Retirement Living, 825 Peninsula Dr, Davidson. Join us for a fun conversation!
Check out our Events page to see what’s coming . . .
Our Mission is Friendship!
This month we share the final two pillars, which create a framework for our Mission of Friendship. Our ultimate goal is to develop strong, and caring ties between volunteers and members that lead to trusted friendships.
THE FIFTH PILLAR: Success is what our members say it is. We continue to take stock of our efforts and accomplishments through continual assessment from surveys, phone calls, anecdotes, stories, gatherings and other avenues.
THE SIXTH PILLAR: Our goal is to make DVN a “household name in Davidson.” In 2019 we will continue to pursue every means and opportunity to tell our story, share our mission and be the champion for older adults in our community.
We take pride in our progress and development over our first full year of operation. However, we are not slowing down. We are at a new beginning. With enormous excitement we look forward to continued opportunities; ones which create meaningful connections between our members and volunteers.
Our strength is – genuine compassion for our fellow humans. We are gratified to have volunteers (and board members!) who have this as part of their DNA!
Did You Know?
You may be surprised to know about all the services our DVN Members receive. Here’s just a few we offer for our members . . .
Transportation, gardening, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal prep, organization of documents, light handiwork, community events, healthy living seminars, lifting, hanging picture, help with Medicare, Social Security, end of life planning issues, financial matters and bills review, patient savvy and other personal advocacy matters, help with technology (smart phones, remotes, computers), Coffee Chats, Lunches, Happy Hours, movies, games, Davidson College Events, friendly visits, list of preferred providers for: carpet cleaning, heating and AC, electrical repair, general contracting for making the home suitable to age in place, handyman projects, painting, plumbing, moving heavy objects, changing light bulbs, learning activities, creative activities, company for taking walks and more! 
Know someone interested in membership?
Learn more. Click here.

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