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E2D Honors the Life and Legacy of Patrick Braxton-Andrew

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Bottom Right Box, News, Top Left Box


Patrick Braxton-Andrew was E2D’s dear friend and a Super-Tutor, and we already miss him terribly, as we know you do too.

There are so many positive adjectives that flow to mind when we think of him: excellend, kind, patient, dedicated, committed, funny. . .and yet serious, when the moment called for it.

When PBA taught a Latino Family to use their new E2D laptop for the first time, he knew just how incredibly transformational this little box of technology would be for the family.

He knew that the youngest were going to play learning games that were going to accelerate their knowledge and fluency of English.

He knew that the older kids were going to complete their homework assignments and use the online tutorials to supplement what they were learning in the classroom.

He knew that parents were going to be able to interact with the schools and be true partners in their children’s education using tools such as Powerschool to help track and assess their work.

He also knew that families were going to open online banking accounts that would save them a ton of money, by not have to work with “pay day” lenders. He knew that they would have access to social service information and healthcare records.

He loved to show families how they could use Google Earth to “teleport” to see their former homes. He loved to show them how to find the “Las Noticias” newspaper from their region that  helped them retain ties to the people, places, and cultures that they missed.

How much time would “Pato” spend with each family? The answer was: As long as they liked.

Your gift to E2D in honor of Patrick Braxton-Andrew would be very meaningful and will help us continue his important work and legacy as we expand our Latino Family educational offering with a program that we are developing with his family – a program that will be known as “Pato’s Academy.”

Thank you sincerely for considering making a gift in PBA’s name. His joyful life will remain in our hearts forever.


Pat Millen, E2D Co-Founder/President

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