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Davidson Lands Conservancy Exceeds Forever Fund Campaign Goal

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Bottom Right Box, Davidson Lands Conservancy, News

The Davidson Lands Conservancy (DLC) is proud to announce the successful completion of the first phase of its Forever Fund campaign, raising $535,000, which includes a generous challenge gift of $250,000 from an anonymous Davidson family.

Resources from the Forever Fund will be used exclusively to assist with the cost of conserving land or establishing greenways — covering legal work, appraisals, surveys, and other costs that come with the process. The Forever Fund will also provide matching funds for available conservation grants. The Fund will not be used for operations or educational programs.

In celebrating this success, Forever Fund Campaign Chair Cambria Nielsen said, “The success of this phase of the campaign is a heart-warming and profound endorsement of the importance and value of land conservation, reflecting the community’s concern for the rapid loss of natural lands in our area.”

Noting that success requires ongoing replenishment of the Forever Fund, Nielsen emphasized that the work to conserve the region’s natural lands is about balance. “We welcome new neighbors, services, and businesses, but growth and development must be balanced by preserving the woods, streams, and farm lands that provide clean air and water — places for to all of us to connect with the natural world.”

Why conserving land matters
Davidson’s population has tripled since the 1970s, similar to the growth in Mecklenburg County. The Forever Fund directly supports the DLC mission to balance this growth with permanently protected natural lands vital to water quality, wildlife habitat, our sense of place, and our quality of life.

Autumn Michael, DLC executive director, said, “I’m so grateful for the community’s strong support of this urgent mission.”

DLC welcomes new members every year, she added, who work together to learn ways to enjoy and protect our region’s natural environment. “The Forever Fund supports our land conservation work, but annual membership gifts support operations,” Michael said.

Land conservation made easy
Landowners interested in conserving property have a knowledgeable partner in Davidson resident Dave Cable, who volunteers as DLC’s Director of Land Conservation. Cable, who previously led both the Catawba Lands Conservancy, Trees Charlotte, and Carolina Thread Trail, has helped landowners conserve thousands of acres in our region.

Cable will walk the property with the owner and discuss the many options and benefits available, before customizing a conservation agreement. “In the end, you can continue to own, control, bequeath, or sell your land, while protecting it for generations. Literally forever,” he says.

Cable joins his expertise with obvious passion. “What better, more profound gift than protected natural lands can we give to our children, their children, and their children?”

Support the DLC Forever Fund
Founded in 2000, Davidson Lands Conservancy is a nonprofit land trust that works with willing landowners to save land in the Davidson, N.C., area in order to preserve a healthy, natural environment for future generations.

As DLC pursues its central mission of land conservation, resources from the Forever Fund will play a key role. Annual gifts to the DLC are used to meet operational costs.

To support the DLC and learn more about programming and membership, visit or call the DLC office at 704-892-1910.

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Davidson Lands Conservancy Exceeds Forever Fund Campaign Goal

by | Jan 10, 2019

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