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Thank You Note from Davidson Police Sergeant Cindy Smith

by | Jan 23, 2019 | News, Top Right Box, Voices of Davidson


Davidson Police Sergeant Cindy Smith


A thank you note from Sgt. Cindy Smith:

Thank you to the Town of Davidson employees, Davidson Police Department, Davidson Fire Department, and Davidson College Police Department. The help I have received from everyone has been overwhelming! Thank you to everyone who supported me during my illness by donations, those who prayed, visited, called, texted, sent flowers, cards, or just simply kept me in their thoughts.

I spent 15 days at Forsyth Hospital in Winston Salem beginning on November 11th and was then transferred to inpatient rehab at Frye Hospital in Hickory for 10 days. After completing rehab, I was able to come home on December 6th. I had a follow-up appointment the next day and was re-admitted back into Forsyth Hospital. I spent 8 days there and was then transferred to Duke Hospital in Durham for 9 days. I was blessed to be able to come home on Christmas Eve to be with my family!

The doctors seem to think I have either Guillain-Barre Syndrome or Vasculitis. The illness attacks the body’s immune system, nerves and blood vessels. However, after countless tests, the doctors were unable to make an official diagnosis and I am still considered a “Mystery Patient.” I am getting stronger each day but am still dealing with symptoms caused by the illness; numbness in my hands, right foot, a necrosis on the tip of my left trigger finger and an elevated resting heart rate of 120bpm. I also lost 25lbs while in the hospital. Fortunately, I have gained about 10lbs back. I have numerous doctors’ appointments ahead of me and a lot of strength to regain, but I am determined to beat this illness and come back even stronger. I have started physical therapy and hope to return to work on light duty after my physical therapy is complete in a couple of weeks.

Your donations enabled me to cover the majority of my medical expenses and I am so blessed for that. I can’t say thank you enough for all that everyone has done for me and I am truly grateful. I look forward to returning to work to serve and protect the awesome citizens of Davidson!

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