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K9 Maky Retires from the Davidson Police Department

by | Jan 23, 2019 | News, Top Left Box, Town Information

K9 Maky

After five years of faithful service to the town, Davidson’s Police Dog “K9 Maky” has officially retired.

After arriving from the Netherlands in September 2013, Maky served as a dual purpose narcotics and patrol dog in Davidson. During her career, she worked with local, state, and federal agencies to sniff out illegal drugs, track felons, search for evidence, and provide dedicated protection to her fellow officers. 

In addition, she was, no doubt, the citizens’ favorite police officer. Her friendly and social demeanor was shared with multitudes of adults and children during demonstrations and presentations by her and her handler, Sgt. Greg Frostbutter. Maky is a recent cancer survivor, and all who know her wish K9 Maky a safe recovery and relaxing retirement with Sgt. Frostbutter.

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