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Death’s Lament, An Easter Poem

by | Apr 21, 2019 | Houses of Worship

Death’s Lament
(An Easter Poem)

So long I have kept watch
at a door whose
key alone
I possess

But now this upstart
divine avatar
dares rob
me of my

I watched as they stored
his broken body
in one of
my tombs-
And once again
slammed the door

And now on this third day
a terrible sunrise
seems to burn away
my shadowy

O the sadness I feel
as he stands
in front of a
weeping woman
who sees him not

What shall I now do?
my hands empty
for I have laughed
so long
at their everlasting
defeat, all
because of me

Now my lament is deep
for he is alive again
not so much for him
for them

What is this haunting
word that
pierces my dark
heart much
his hands and feet
were marked?

Its sound frightens me
and now I sense
all will be
This word that changes
that changes me-

Dr. Jody Seymour

Jody Seymour retired after serving Davidson United Methodist Church as Senior Pastor for 13 years and being a pastor for forty-six years in the Western North Carolina Conference. He is the author of six books and resides just outside of Davidson with his wife, Betsy.

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