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Carolina Roof Consultants Donate New Roof to Davidson Housing Coalition

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Bottom Right Box, News

The crew from Carolina Roof Consultants: Hugo Ayala, Silver Garcia, Gil Garcia, Pedro Ayala, Jeremy Liszewski, and Mike McCoy took time to pose for a quick photo after completing the roofing project for Davidson Housing Coalition.


Over the past few months, volunteers from Davidson Housing Coalition (DHC) and Davidson College Presbyterian Church (DCPC) have been trying to bring a house on Mock Circle back to life. The home is intended to serve as transitional housing for someone in need when it is completed. Friday morning, June 28, there was a flurry of activity at the house. Trucks, equipment, and a skilled roofing team arrived on scene not too long after the sun came up. They were on an important mission.

A group of volunteers from Davidson College Presbyterian Church had cleared the contents of the home and prepared it for major rehabilitation work.

Work on the house had slowed in recent weeks because of the condition of the existing roof. The extensive leaks would impact any further work on the interior of the structure. DHC began the search of looking for a company to replace the roof. At the recommendation of a local resident, DHC reached out to Carolina Roof Consultants (CRC) to see if they could be part of this project.

Marcia Webster, the Executive Director of DHC said “our efforts to provide services for men, women, and children facing housing insecurity have had obstacles, most especially, financial limitations.” As a result, the nonprofit relies on volunteer work and support from contractors to give the organization a break on market-rate charges. In this case, the CRC team did more than cut DHC a break. Mike McCoy and a crew from did the work for free.

When asked about the project, McCoy said that he and his team wanted to give back to Davidson. “To be able to help in any way is phenomenal. We appreciate the opportunity to give back.”

On the lighter side of the project: DCPC project coordinator Bill Hatfield shakes hands with Mike McCoy – dispelling any rumors of the continuing feud between their families.

Webster was overwhelmed by the generosity of the team from CRC. “What a terrific and meaningful gift from Carolina Roof Consultants, who donated their time, materials, and energy to provide a new roof for a small Davidson house that will soon offer a safe, healthy transitional home! Many, many thanks for their generosity.”

McCoy also challenged other roofers and contractors, saying “the feeling that you will get giving back – even if it is a free roof – is better than the feeling doing that big project. That big house on a golf course or on a lake, or a big apartment project – those projects will come, but these opportunities to truly put a roof over the head over someone who wouldn’t have one otherwise are few. If you get the chance – do it. The feeling is unbeatable.”

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