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A Poem for All That Divides Us as a People

by | Oct 19, 2019

Dry Bones

(a poem based on Ezekiel’s vision
Ezekiel 37: 1-14)

Again the valley waits
before us
Parched, dried up hopes-
dreams stripped
of life

Words no longer speak
for the arid wind
of anger and mistrust
fills the crevices
between us

Dry bones lay still-
“Can these bones live again?”

Then a whisper is heard
somewhere between
our breath and the
one who breathed
it into us
“Prophesy to the breath”

A strange request
 but to not do so
leaves the valley
stale with death

As long as our vision is
captured by dry bones
there will not be new
life and our
valleys will be ruts
that become graves

But the life giving breath
of the Lord
can make dry bones
live again
and people will no
longer be the
skeletons of
our labels

“Put flesh upon the bones”
says the wind
and your dried up
can breathe again and
you may walk
together in a valley
of life
not death


Dr. Jody Seymour

Jody Seymour retired after serving Davidson United Methodist Church as Senior Pastor for 13 years and being a pastor for forty-six years in the Western North Carolina Conference. He is the author of six books and resides just outside of Davidson with his wife, Betsy.

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