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Davidson Village Network: Pivotal Moments

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Senior Community Connections

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People recognize us more for what we do, than how we do it. But “how we do it” is ultimately the way we define ourselves. We call these “pivotal moments.”

After two short years since officially opening our doors, Davidson Village Network (DVN) is gaining critical traction as word spreads across our widening community. While the work we do has unmistakable impact on the lives we touch, the need is growing exponentially. 10,000 people turn 65 every day in the US. Yes — we are living longer but tragically, more of us are living alone – physically and emotionally. Loneliness knows no boundaries.

You probably know us for the RIDES we give (for members who can’t or don’t drive) to medical appointments, grocery shopping, pharmacy, banking, social events and pretty much anywhere else; for the HELP we give around the home to smooth out the hardness of daily living; for vibrant SOCIAL gatherings we organize to revel in companionship; and for the personal GUIDANCE we provide around innumerable life challenges that stymie the best of us. But what you may not know is – “while these services are what we do, our business is ”Friendship.”

It is the tendency of society to overlook the importance of emotional well-being. And because we miss to account for it, we lose a crucial key to make our community stronger, better, happier, livable. For too many older adults, loneliness has become their Number One health ailment. Incredibly, medical appointments for some are a mission for social contact, not a remedy for illness. In this season of thanks, won’t you help us bring our very human way of engaging older adults to more of our neighbors? While we are grateful for a donation in any amount, we note our “Friends of DVN” (soon to be recognized regularly in our newsletter) for $50 or more. You may make checks payable to:

Davidson Village Network
P.O. Box 327
Davidson, NC 28036

With Appreciation,
David Critchlow

DVN is a lifestyle choice for older adults. A social and support organization (without walls) for those who see friendship, vibrant social engagement, and a little help along the way as keys to a more meaningful / happier / and livelier life.

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