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Mood Indigo’s Réa Wright Hosts Holiday Studio Sale of Body Care Products

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Local Businesses

On a Quest to Help Women Live Joyful, Vibrant & Healthy Lives

Davidson resident, Réa Wright, is a psychotherapist, personal coach, mother, wife, and founder of Mood Indigo Soaps, and she is on a quest to help women live joyful, vibrant, and healthy lives. Through her business, Mood Indigo Living, she empowers women to delve inwards and explore the full range of their emotions and experiences, to tap into their creativity, their brilliance, and the resources to create the lives they truly desire.

She has created a plant-based, eco-friendly bath and body-care product line that supports and extends this vision of holistic, mind-body living. Originally from Mumbai, India, Réa currently lives and works in Davidson.

Rea Wright

“Soap making began for me as a hobby and quickly evolved into an imperative,” remembers Réa. “My daughter, Madeleine (now a junior in college), developed harmful allergies and asthma when she was four years old, which resulted in a comprehensive reassessment of the cleaning and personal care products we used.” She said that bath and body care products that were free of artificial fragrances and additives were hard to find, expensive, and used harmful synthetics, even when described as “natural.” So, she set out to make her own in her home-based studio on Virginia Road. There she handcrafts small batches of all-natural, plant-based, aromatherapy, bath and body care products — some are even geared toward men.

Réa strongly believes in giving back to the community and gives generously to the Ada Jenkins Center, Circle de Luz, the Women’s shelter, and mentors female entrepreneurs.

“Helping people help themselves is a passion of mine,” said Réa Wright, “and I realize that every time I connect deeply with someone in my office, I connect with a small part of myself. Soap making, believe it or not, is just another piece of that puzzle. Making soap is my creative endeavor and also a way to provide my family and others with a healthy, healing, junk-free alternative. Mood Indigo has given me the opportunity to engage with an incredible community of people who also support my vision of healing from the inside, out!”

Réa is hosting her annual Holiday Open House on Friday, December 13 from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday, December 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in her studio located at 728 Virginia Road. Not only is it a great way for members of the community to find gifts for others and themselves this holiday season, but it’s a festive way for everyone to reconnect during a very busy time of year. She hopes you’ll stop by to say hello.

More information on Réa Wright and Mood Indigo Living is available at her website.

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