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DavidsonLearns Presents Scott Hippensteel

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Arts & Entertainment, DavidsonLearns

About the Event

The outcome of the Civil War was influenced by many factors on both sides, including population, finances, the availability of weaponry, naval power and military leadership. But in a recent study published by the Geological Society of America, Dr. Scott Hippensteel, an associate professor in the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at UNC at Charlotte suggests a less obvious factor: rocks.

“It is not an overstatement to say that rocks helped determine the outcome of the Civil War,” said Dr. Hippensteel. “Geology determines terrain, and terrain can be exploited by a skilled commander on both offense and defense.”

Those who heard Dr. Hippensteel speak in September 2019 on The Hunley know that he is both a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker.

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