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Davidson Police Respond to Vehicle Theft, Larceny from Vehicles in Davidson Landing

by | Dec 6, 2019 | News

Officers with the Town of Davidson Police Department responded to a call in Davidson Landing when a resident reported his vehicle was stolen.  While searching the area, it was evident that other vehicles had been entered illegally as well.  Police searched for the owners of these vehicles, but many of them were not registered to Davidson Landing or Town of Davidson residents.  To date, the police have identified ten (10) Larceny from Vehicle offenses as well as one stolen vehicle.

“All the vehicles that were entered were unlocked,” said Chief of Police Penny Dunn.  “Please remember to Take, Lock, and Hide your valuables when parking your car around your residence.”

Previously, Detective Siders and Corporal Geiger met with Davidson Landing community members to form a Neighborhood Watch program as well as view a presentation from a security camera vendor.  Davidson police patrol the community frequently, as well as others throughout town, and have temporarily parked a marked unit in the neighborhood as they investigate these latest incidents.

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