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SCAM Alert: And a Davidson Solution

by | Dec 30, 2019 | News, Top Left Box

Orange bags started appearing across Davidson neighborhoods – followed by warnings about the “charity.”


Stories and photos started populating various social media platforms on Monday morning. Alert neighbors were warning other neighbors about a potential scam in progress. A few neighbors even posted pictures of a Segway-riding individual seen placing orange plastic bags with the request to fill them with clothing and other items.

Photo credit: Frances Dawson

In the midst of the holiday season, once again it appears Davidson is not immune to such activities. A walk through a couple of Davidson neighborhoods revealed what people had posted: orange plastic bags draped on mailboxes, and still others blowing across streets and yards.

Davidson’s own N.C. State Senator Natasha Marcus, warned her followers on Facebook “This FAKE charity is at it again.”

A subsequent online search revealed myriad warnings and red flags about the organization from legitimate charities, law enforcement, and even the Better Business Bureau. Of note, numerous posts specifically warn people not to provide your contact information to the number provided on the bag.

What should Davidson residents do – especially if you want to make end of year donations of any sort?

Your News of Davidson team suggests using Meet the Need!

Visit Meet the Need on our News of Davidson website to see what Davidson-based nonprofits need.

Several months ago, a reader came to us with a request – create a “one stop” location for identifying the needs of our local nonprofits. We set out to create just that – a place where Davidson residents can quickly search through the requests from our Davidson-based nonprofits.

It’s the end of the year, and if you want to know how you can close out 2019 with a real bang. . .donate your time, talents, and/or stuff to a local nonprofit. And don’t forget to start off 2020 the same way. Happy New Year Davidson!






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