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Community School of Davidson Administrators Responded to Incident at School

by | Jan 20, 2020 | News, School News (K-12)

​(Editor’s Note: The Administrators of the Community School of Davidson released the following information to the public regarding an event that occurred last Friday, January 17, 2020.)


Between 6:00 and 7:00 this morning, we received the first of multiple reports about a concerning social media post, and in addition, we were made aware of a rumor about a safety threat to CSD High School. CSD administrators followed our safety protocol and immediately contacted our School Resource Officer who immediately involved Davidson Police. CSD Administration and the Davidson Police Department have determined that students are not, and never were in danger. No threat was made to CSD.  While we are relieved that the rumor was untrue, we remain grateful that it was reported. The reported social media post was taken out of context, was not connected to CSD, and did not communicate a threat. Again, we are incredibly grateful that the rumors and social media post were both reported.


Because of the timing of this situation, CSD Administrative Team determined an E-Learning Day would be most appropriate until we could feel 100% certain there was no safety threat. We apologize for the concern and the inconvenience, but the timing of this report meant that we were addressing serious concerns as staff and families were already enroute to school. Please keep in mind that we understand that you wanted more information in the moment, but our first responsibility was to be present and available to assist the police as they conducted their investigation. Hopefully this email gives you additional details to alleviate your concerns.  Moving forward, in any situation like this, please understand that we may give you quick information in the moment (just like we did today), but we will always provide a more detailed follow up as we have time to carefully construct accurate and appropriate communication.

The good news is that our safety protocol worked.  As the police have pointed out to us repeatedly, our best defense is a tight community where students, staff, and parents immediately report even the smallest of concerns so they can be carefully investigated.  While in this instance the police have determined there was no safety threat to CSD, this process ensures everyone’s safety until that conclusion is made by the police. At CSD, all concerns or threats – real or perceived – are handled as valid safety concerns until the police investigation is complete.
 As we hope you already know, CSD staff and admin always put safety first and foremost.  We will not bring students to school unless we are confident they are safe. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Tuesday morning.  While this was scary and uncomfortable for all, we are deeply relieved that there was never a threat to CSD.

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