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Town of Davidson’s 251 South Street Steering Committee Seeks Public Input

by | Jan 30, 2020 | News, Town Information

The Davidson Board of Commissioners created a citizen steering committee to develop a proposed master plan for the site surrounding the school building at 251 South Street. The main school building is the location of the new town hall and is not included in this scope. The committee members’ goal is to identify uses for the remainder of the 5.28 acre site that maintain its historic character while best serving the community’s needs.  To this end, the committee members are gaining all of the background information on the site, including zoning and historic designations.

Davidson residents are invited to walk the site on Saturday, March 7 at 10 a.m.

A vital part of this committee’s charge by the board of commissioners is to seek extensive public input from Davidson residents to identify potential uses for the site. In February, the committee will offer tours of the land and gymnasium. The committee will also hold meetings in March in different places across the town to seek public input. An online survey will be used to gain additional information on community priorities.

For more information or to be added to a distribution list, please email [email protected].

Steering committee members include: John Burgess, Ben Beall, Dave Cable, Matthew Churchill, Lorraine Degree, Shana Erber, John Griffith, Deborah Keenan, Lisa Koenig, Gil Lorenz, Susan Manning, Elizabeth Martin, Matthew Merrell, Jay Neal, Shelley Rigger, Marion Sekerak, and Alvin Sudduth. Leslie Willis, Davidson Parks and Recreation Interim Director, is the staff member working with the group. Stewart Gray, Mecklenburg County Historic Landmarks Commission, and Gary Fankhouser, ViZ Design, also are providing professional support to the committee.

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