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Local PR Firm’s “Sportface” Character Will Give Baby Boomers Reasons to Smile

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Local Businesses

There’s a new face in town—Sammy Sportface to be precise. Carolina Content & Media Relations Corporation LLC has launched a blog by “Sammy Sportface” for inspiring, galvanizing, encouraging, and amusing Baby Boomer men.

Sammy hopes to assure 55-to-75-year-old men that their most important contributions and enjoyable experiences are still ahead. The blog will make their lives more thought-provoking, inspiring, fulfilling, and unpredictable.

Charles Hartley, president of Carolina Content & Media Relations and creator of the blog, said Sammy Sportface will also create business opportunities, inspire actions, and provide a shared place for its followers to spark new friendships and creative ideas. Many of the blogs will focus on sports and high-tech issues.

Hartley added, “The blog will be an eclectic treasure chest of keen insights, mixed with frivolity, to improve the quality of life for the Baby Boomer Brotherhood by helping them wield their talents and wisdom

Blogs will also tackle subjects of historical interest to the Baby Boomer Brotherhood, such as 1970s music, and the need to re-skill and reinvent to become more valuable employees. The first blog focuses on basketball legend Larry Bird. Its title: Larry Bird: The Greatest Thing That Has Ever Happened in World History

“I believe gaggles of men in this demographic crave a single place to read sports and related content tailored to their needs, interests, and aspirations,” Hartley added. “This blog will deliver those goods while getting them to laugh and experience feelings of triumph because they will have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.”

For more information on Carolina Content & Media Relations Corporation LLC, visit the website.

Contact: Charles Hartley, President, Carolina Content & Media Relations Corporation LLC[email protected], 973-590-9920

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