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What Next, We Keep Being Wildcats

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Sports

The Davidson Wildcat on a foggy morning.


Written By: Justin Parker

What a difference a week can make.

Seven days ago, the Davidson men’s basketball team was airborne for Brooklyn, with hopes of creating some March madness in the Atlantic 10 Tournament with Jon Axel Gudmundsson leading the way one more time. The Wildcats baseball team was in the midst of knocking off No. 10 Duke on Brett Centracchio’s walk-off home run in Charlotte, and Wildcats across the spectrum were doing what they do: excelling in the classroom and inside the lines.

This new reality is surreal. It’s an unprecedented time in the sports world, and certainly the world in general, as health concerns over the potential spread of COVID-19 halted everything, including a sense of normalcy. Davidson’s spring sports calendar is now full of only cancellations, and the fields are vacant. There is no handbook for this; we just have to figure it out, like an in-game adjustment against a junk defense.

So what now? How do we move forward in this time of uncertainty, mixed with a little chaos, more time at home and many questions?

Well, for starters, we keep being Wildcats. We strive for excellence at all times and in new ways when necessary, including in online classrooms.

We stay connected via virtual meetings, group texts, email chains and on social media. In person or on MacBook cameras, our bonds are tight and unmistakable.

We remember the best moments, both historic and recent, and put ourselves in position to create more when the time is right.

We get up, lift one another up and stay up. Without physically doing so, we show up. We help others while also taking care of ourselves.

That’s what we do. In other words, we do what we do.

We keep being Wildcats.

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