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Do You Remember Care Bears?

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Local Businesses, News

An amazing display of hearts in the windows of Main Street Books.

A Note from Adah. . .

The Care Bears – those fuzzy, pastel cheer warriors from the 1980’s TV show – they’ve been on my mind as I’ve put up this wall of rainbow hearts in our windows. If you were a kid or a parent back then, perhaps you can relate to the intoxication of the final scene in every episode when they would come together, point their little bellies at the darkness, and perform the Care Bear Stare – beaming love, luck, funshine (you read that right), cheer, and even a dose of grumpiness and good rest at their target.

This weekend, I asked our local Instagram & Facebook followers to cut out paper hearts in rainbow colors and deliver them to us through the old brass mail slot in our front door. That mail slot is the best old relic.

Hundreds of hearts were waiting for me on Monday. Maybe thousands, it was no time for counting. So many people beamed their love at our bookshop and our town and at the act of reading. And now we have our Care Bare Stare for 2020.

Thank you so much.

Stay safe and soapy,


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