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A Message from the Davidson Police Chief

by | May 30, 2020 | Bottom Left Box, News, Town Information

The past few days have brought forth evidence of police brutality against George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN.  The circumstances of Mr. Floyd’s death and the failure of other officers on scene to protect him, an act recorded by bystanders, are shocking to us all.  These are not the values of our police profession or the Davidson Police Department.  We are saddened and express our heartfelt sympathies to Mr. Floyd’s family and friends for their loss of a loved one.

The men and women of the Davidson Police Department condemn brutality of all kinds.  An act of police brutality diminishes public trust and, most importantly, the relationships we build in our community. 

The values of the Davidson Police Department are ingrained from the moment an officer joins our community.  Our Officers must possess empathy, courage, integrity and understanding of their duty to protect all.  Humility is also a value required of our officers and leaders so we are willing to identify problems, accept responsibility and redirect or terminate when an officer demonstrates behavior that is detrimental and contrary to our values. 

Davidson Police Officers receive department instruction that includes proper methods for all types of police contacts, from verbal to hands on contact for an arrest.  The techniques for de-escalation are taught for public interaction and for monitoring each other. This includes the duty to intervene should an officer appear to be escalating verbally or physically when not warranted.  Standing by while an act of harm is committed, by a member of the public or by a member of the department, is unacceptable.  Our duty to protect everyone is regardless if they wear a uniform or not.

We are all trained in how to properly carry out our duties with a knowledge of the laws, our authority and skills to safely protect the public and anyone in our custody.  While it is apparent, we still live in a world and culture where institutional and systemic racism still exist, we must fight to break them down.  Our profession cannot perpetuate continuation of harmful actions by officers not fit to wear the badge.  The Davidson Police Department members stand with our community as a committed group of individuals focused on safety and justice for everyone. 

Penny Dunn
Chief of Police
Town of Davidson

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