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HOMETOWN HERO: Emily Kingsley, MD

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Bottom Right Box, Voices of Davidson

Dr. Emily Kingsley and her family 


Emily Kingsley lives in Davidson with her husband, eight-year-old twin daughters, and five-year-old son. Originally from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Emily attended medical school in Michigan, and completed her residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at The University of North Carolina. “We really enjoyed our time in Chapel Hill, but it only seemed natural to make Davidson our forever home. The college town atmosphere settled along Lake Norman is reminiscent of the Great Lakes where I grew up.”

Tell me about your day job.

I am a primary care doctor serving the Lake Norman area. I completed double board certification in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. I greatly enjoy taking care of families and watching them grow as children blossom with their inquisitive minds, and additional siblings join their growing family. It is really fulfilling to take care of family members across the life spectrum, especially when seeing multiple generations – from the baby all the way to the great grandparents!

How did you uncover your passion?

I really like primary care because you can get at prevention of disease, mainly through lifestyle changes and working at “best self.” And when you take care of the whole family, you can make sure you address the “whole family dynamic” to help overcome any barriers to good health.

What inspires you every day?

There is nothing more motivating than one of my younger patients donning their doctor outfit and coming into clinic to show “Dr. Kingsley.” That reminds me that little eyes are always watching what I say and do.

What are your challenges and speed bumps along the way?

The internet is full of information, which is both good and bad. As physicians, we always have to put on our analytical mind when coming across new information, as it could directly impact patient care. It can be really hard when non-healthcare individuals don’t have the same accountability and are spreading information that is not always correct and properly vetted.

Personally, I appreciate when one of my patients has a discussion with me at a visit about medical topics that they have read and ask for my medical input. I have always found these conversations to be productive and beneficial.

Secrets to staying motivated and positive?

I view every patient like I would one of my family members, so I strive to provide the best care that I would want for my own family. At times this can be tiring, so I am able to recharge with quality family time, as well as working on my “best self” with regular exercise and healthy, wholesome foods.

As a balance to work, you will find our family doing all things together outdoors, from gardening, to biking, trail walks, and tennis.

How can Davidson residents best support you?

Continue working on “best self” to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I think the recent pandemic has made me realize that primary care is essential and when your body is telling you that something is wrong, you should bring it to the attention of your physician to allow for timely diagnosis and treatment.

Andrea Caughey

Andrea Nordstrom Caughey is a magazine editor and lifelong writer who hit the jackpot moving to Davidson from California.

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