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Counting on You

by | Sep 15, 2020 | News, Top Left Box

It has been 3 years since this article kicked off the launch of News of Davidson.


News of Davidson is celebrating three years of news and events and can’t believe how quickly they have passed. (Okay, not so much 2020.)

The mid-point of this month—September 15, to be exact—is important to us. On this day in 2017, our volunteer micro-site first went live as a nonprofit, all-volunteer website for news and information about Davidson and its environs, for the people who live and work here—and those who wish they did.

We count ourselves lucky to be doing this work for a, dare we say, uniquely precious community.

Some things we don’t count:
News stories published
Photos shared
Events announced
Businesses supported
Meetings (in person and on Zoom)
Hours of writing, editing, formatting, interviewing…

Some things we do count:
Our email list: 1,000+
Our donors: 30 in 2020; and more than 143 since 2017
Our annual fund raising goal: $5,000
Funds raised thus far: $2,690
Balance for 2020: $2,310

We’re admittedly a shoestring operation, and heading into Year Four, we are counting on you to keep us going. If News of Davidson counts in your life, please renew your support or become a donor today—An Anniversary gift!

And if not now, please add your support to News of Davidson by New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2020. How sweet that sounds.

Editor’s Note: Okay, we had to do it – this is the 2,091st article we have published. 

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