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Fire Department Launches Community Connect Program

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Bottom Middle Box, News, Town Information

Davidson Fire Department announces the Community Connect Program.


The Davidson Fire Department announces its launch of the Community Connect program, a regional effort to enhance the safety of town residents and their property.  Community Connect is a free, secure, and easy to use platform which allows people to share critical information about their households which will aid first responders and emergency response personnel when responding to an emergency call.

“By providing information that a homeowner feels is important for the fire department to know in case of an emergency, firefighters can better protect both life and property when called upon,” notes Fire Chief Reuben Fitzgerald.

How does Community Connect work?  Those interested in participating create a secure online account and enter the information which is most critical to them. Information can include property details, specifics with respect to individuals (how to locate occupants, who to contact, or special needs of certain individuals, for example), or pet details. Homeowners keep that information updated, and the fire department will always have access to the most current data. 

“Community Connect is an awesome tool for our fire department,” says Deputy Chief Ryan Montieth who is spearheading the effort on behalf of the Davidson Fire Department. “It’s such a great opportunity for folks to be able to communicate to us here in the fire department everything they would want us to know in an emergency well in-advance of anything ever happening. That means, if anything ever should occur, we can respond quickly and carefully to best serve YOUR family and YOUR home or business right here in town.”

Residents and business owners can go to the link here to create an account for their household or business and read specifically about account security.  FAQs can be found here. More details may also be found at the Davidson Fire Department website at



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