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Christmas in Davidson, Speedway Style

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Bottom Left Box, Don't Forget To Laugh

Rotary Club of Davidson Giving Tree Village 2020 (left side)


You have probably heard by now that Christmas in Davidson will be celebrated differently this year due to COVID-19. No need to worry, it’s going to be better than ever. It will be held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway!

Our special committee spent long minutes memorizing CDC guidelines and countless hours researching possible venues for this holiday tradition. After much contemplation, the speedway seemed to be the perfect fit.

Carol Wilber Bradfield

The infield has more than enough space to provide social distancing for the Artists’ Marketplace. The race track itself makes a wonderful stage for dancers and other performing artists. The $750,000 nonrefundable deposit was paid.

Um, then we discovered there was a glitch in the speedway’s calendar. There is a race scheduled at the same time, the Cheerwine 800. Thirty-six stock cars will be roaring around the track while strolling Carolers sing in the pits. But no need to worry, we’ve got it all figured out.

First, the Marketplace will be mixed in with the RV’s on the infield. To obtain correct social distancing, we have asked the race fans to remain on top of their trailers during the hours of Christmas in Davidson. This may cause some hardships for them and creative thinking may be necessary to take care of some “needs.” Yet, we expect it to run smoothly. A map will be provided so you can find the location of that special pottery booth as it relates to the position of yet another RV flying the #3 flag.

The Rotary Club of Davison has worked hard to make the display of beautifully decorated Christmas trees for charity possible. It is always a highlight, with a constant line of admirers strolling by. This year, the viewers will remain stationary as the trees pass by, strapped to the top of the cars zooming around the track. The trees will be displayed vertically to achieve that “mountain breeze” effect blowing through their branches. Since these cars can exceed 200 mph, we have requested the tree decorators to use sturdy tinsel and lots of hot glue for the ornaments.

Rotary Club of Davidson Giving Tree Village 2020 (right side)

The live nativity scene will be held in the parking lot, section ZZ. Alas, there was no room in the infield.

It wouldn’t be Christmas in Davidson without the dog show. But there is a major concern about the dogs choking on discarded chicken bones in the stands. Therefore, the loveable pups in their cute outfits will be hosted in a VIP booth. There, the pooches and their owners can enjoy free drinks and help themselves to the bone-free buffet. After a few hours of this celebration, who really cares who wins?

We’d like to thank the Boy Scouts, Troop 58, for their support with this special event. If rain, snow or hail is called for, they will be erecting a tent to cover the entire speedway. Our committee has been assured each participating scout will receive a special merit badge for this mammoth undertaking.

Don’t worry parents! Your dancer, singer, or actor will still have her night to shine. Anytime there is a gap in between cars, performers will run onto the track and dance and sing as quickly as possible before the cars come back around. Let’s move it folks! (Admit it, hurrying along the acts that don’t include your kid can be a good thing.)

The charming horse drawn carriage will be available for rides around the track when the racers are slowed under the caution flag. For $250 you can know the thrill of trotting around those banked curves. Get your name on the list now!

Santa will be seated in the winner’s circle ‘til the end of the race. Then the jolly old elf will give up his position to the winning driver. Unless Santa thinks HE is the real winner, accuses the driver of being fraudulent, and demands a redo.

Be safe, have fun, we’ll see you at the speedway!!

Carol Wilber Bradfield

Carol Wilber Bradfield is one of those "Lake People." She snuck into Davidson many years ago when someone left the gate open one night. If seen, please approach carefully and give her a hug... and cash if you have it. Lots of cash. Thank you.


Christmas in Davidson, Speedway Style

by | Dec 1, 2020

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