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Editors’ Choice: Light and promise

by | Dec 23, 2020 | News, Top Left Box

News of Davidson hardly knows what to say. We’re a little breathless, to be honest. The holiday season is here at last, with the hope and light of Hanukkah and the joy and promise of Christmas. The relief of 2021 is in sight. It is almost too much.

So our Co-Editor Margo Williams suggests we turn to words from 2017, thankful for the warmth of Jody Seymour’s Christmas memory, published here in the first few months of NOD, our first holiday season. Readers of all faith traditions will find comfort in its message.

Since News of Davidson went live in September 2017, we have posted north of 2,000 stories and column contributions, and literally uncountable calendar events. Our stories celebrate neighbors, promote local nonprofits, events, and businesses, and share hundreds of community images.

To celebrate those three years of community news, Editors’ Choice hopes to remind you why News of Davidson matters and asks you to support our all-volunteer team in the work we love to do, year in and year out.

Reader, we send you and yours wishes for a warm, safe, and happy holiday. See you next year!

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