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Artist Elizabeth Bradford: A House of One Room

by | Mar 16, 2021

A screenshot from the artist’s website.

Nature comes naturally to our friend and neighbor, Elizabeth Bradford, an artist (and teacher and writer) who grew up spending time at her grandparents’ farm out Concord Road, now her longtime home. Though no longer a working farm, that same land—with its house and barns, gardens, trees, and thickets—is home indeed, but also  studio, retreat, and replenishing source of inspiration.

A screenshot of the poster for this show.

You can find this description of the artist on her website: “Elizabeth Bradford is a painter and a writer. Through her work she explores the natural world, capturing what remains of the undeveloped South. Her paintings are studies of complex patterns found in nature and are marked by a strong sense of color. Though representational, her work has its roots in abstraction.”

She is an intent, close reader of the outdoors, an avid surveyor in the still unspoiled South. When she translates what she sees onto the canvas, the branches, bark, and leaves, rocks, water, and webs are realistic—but infused with the magic of color and light. View from a distance, view up close, blink, squint, and look again. Sorcery.

Her most recent exhibition, A House of One Room, opened on March 12 at Wilmington’s Cameron Art Museum and will show through October 17, 2021. Make plans to visit, but for now, get a sneak peek at this virtual tour on the museum website. You’ll need to download the “Exhibit” application—easy to do.

Prepare for astonishment. And a trip to the coast.

Meg Kimmel

A professional communicator with a long career in higher education, Meg now consults and volunteers in areas where words and images work together to tell a story. She's a proud member of Davidson's Class of 1977 and lives nearby with her husband, Don, Davidson professor emeritus of biology, with whom she shares a family grown by kinship and choice.

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