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Large Cat Sighted in Neighborhood Park in St. Albans

by | Mar 23, 2021

Neighbors saw a large cat, perhaps a cougar, in a Davidson neighborhood.


Sorry no actual photos of the animal in question.

Tuesday afternoon, a neighbor in the St. Albans community was out for an afternoon walk. As he looked into a dry water retention area at the end of Forest Park he saw a large cat. The animal was less than 100 yards away. It appeared to be roughly 25-35 pounds and was gold in color with a long tail. While the neighbor was looking at the animal, a jogger came by and confirmed that the two were indeed seeing a large cat.

While experts have differing opinions, a number of media reports over the past few years have suggested that people across North Carolina are seeing cougars.

The cat was sitting near a tarp that appears to be large, black landscaping tarp.

After a few minutes, the animal turned and calmly walked into the opening under the tarp.

The Town of Davidson confirmed that the county’s animal control will only come out if a wild animal is injured or aggressive. It is springtime and flora are in bloom, and fauna are more active. There have already been several snake sightings, and the foxes and deer are year-round neighbors. Please give wildlife a wide berth and remember – they were here first.

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