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“Timber!” These Trees Must Go!

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Bottom Left Box, Don't Forget To Laugh

It is with heavy sighs and heartfelt tears that Davidson residents face a new assault to the natural habitat of their town. Just recently we were asked to remove bird feeders for a few weeks to prevent the spread of salmonella sickening the song birds that frequent our yards. Now, for the health of the overall canopy, we are asked to sacrifice our oldest, most beloved trees.

As the Town of Davidson proclaims, “Citizens must live in a healthy environment, so the town government will protect watersheds, trees, air quality and other elements of the town’s ecology.”

According to the Davidson Planning Ordinance, the Town of Davidson regulates the preservation, planting, and maintenance of the canopy. Section 9, Tree Preservation, Landscaping, & Screening, allows the town to request extreme measures in times of crisis. To preserve the natural health of our future town, trees must be sacrificed now.

I spoke to Robin Bobbin, a representative of Canopy Restoration and Urban Development, CRUD, a flighty woman who explained the situation, “Humans can contract salmonella if they’ve been in contact with bird feces, or cats that catch an infected bird.”

But it’s not just the birds raining salmonella down on our heads that are causing trouble, it’s also the canker worms, limbs falling on power lines and entire trees that are toppling on to houses during heavy rain storms. “Just as a forest fire clears the way for new growth, Davidson must clear out the old trees.”

Those who have lived here for decades will remember that the Town Green in front of the library used to be a beautiful grove. It was full of healthy, proud oaks that provided shade for those gathering beneath. When Hugo came through in 1989, it laid all those towering trees down like bowling pins. Good thing no one was picnicking beneath them then!

Careful consideration has been given as to which trees must be removed, and which may remain. Is the tree a threat to surrounding structures or pedestrians?  Can it hold a tire swing? Will the environment tolerate an infestation of boring insects or relatives?

Both deciduous and carnivorous are being removed from the landscape. Following, is a list of trees that are required to come down:

Oak, Walnut : Circumference, 50 inches or more
Magnolia, Sycamore, Pine – Circumference, 30 inches or more
Maple, Shoe, Hemlocks – Circumference, 20 inches or more

All other species are allowed to remain.

Town commissioners armed with antique sewing measuring tapes will be available after five on weekdays and 8am-7pm on weekends to help measure and mark the trees. Just like Santa before Christmas, they will be riding through neighborhoods on the Davidson fire truck with the siren wailing. Should you need assistance wrapping a measuring tape around a trunk or identifying a tree, just run out to the street and wave them over.

Due to lack of time and funds, the Town of Davidson is not in a position to hire a professional tree removal service. It is asking for the full cooperation and participation of all its citizens. Inspired by the Shaker tradition of community, neighbors will form groups and work together to achieve this monumental task by the end of April. To keep things orderly, even numbered houses will be cut on odd numbered days and odd numbered houses will be cut on even numbered.

All necessary equipment will be available at town hall for a small daily rental price. Chainsaws- $50. 8 ft ladders – $10. 20 ft. extension ladders – $25. 40ft. extension ladders – $30. Hard hat – $10. Drone with blade $90. Gloves and goggles will be complimentary. We’d like to thank Mandolino’s for donating 25,000 pizzas to feed all you hard workers.

After the trees are downed, please cut trunks and limbs into 4′ lengths or shorter. Dancers from Dance Davidson, while performing an original interpretive dance, will roll little red wagons to your house, load up the wood and haul it to the village green. This huge pile of logs will have the rest of the year to season. By December, what was once a lurking danger in your yard, will fuel the town’s largest bonfire during Christmas in Davidson.

Let’s pull together, make this fun, and keep it safe!

Please go to and sign up NOW to participate. You can also reserve needed equipment and fill out the form for your preference of pizza toppings.

Carol Wilber Bradfield

Carol Wilber Bradfield is one of those "Lake People." She snuck into Davidson many years ago when someone left the gate open one night. If seen, please approach carefully and give her a hug... and cash if you have it. Lots of cash. Thank you.

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“Timber!” These Trees Must Go!

by | Mar 31, 2021

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