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Celebrating Earth Day Everyday – by Design

by | Apr 27, 2021

Gianna Ziegler from Community School of Davidson was the winner of Boomerang Water’s design competition.


You prefer bottled water but worry about the plastic bottles? A dilemma.

A local business has what looks like an answer.

Based in Davidson, Boomerang Water is a craft-water subscription service on a mission to eliminate the need for single use plastic water bottles. This on-site, small-batch bottling system sanitizes, fills, and caps sustainable and reusable glass and aluminum bottles with ultra-pure water for immediate consumption, eliminating the need for plastic bottles while helping to  saving the planet.

CEO and founder Jason Dibble and Chief Marketing Officer Shaun Zaken, focused on protecting our environment from the problems of single-use plastic bottles, decided to celebrate Earth Day in two ways. First, Boomerang Water launched The Davidson Sustainability Challenge in partnership with the Town of Davidson with a goal to eliminate one million single-use plastic water bottles from the community in 2021. According to Zaken, “We’re treating the town of Davidson as though it’s its own closed environment, and we’re looking to help it eliminate their single use plastic.”

As a second exciting Earth Day initiative, the company invited students in the community to develop their own bottle designs inspired by sustainability. Five local public and private schools participated in the competition: Davidson Day School, Davidson Green School, Community School of Davidson; Davidson K-8, and Woodlawn School.

An 11th grader from Community School of Davidson, Gianna Ziegler created a design that was selected by Charleston-based artist Sam Sidney, judge of the competition. Gianna’s design depicts actual buildings throughout the Davidson community.

Boomerang Water is producing 2,000 of these limited-edition bottles—with Gianna’s design—that will be recycled to “live on” in the community.

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