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On the Road to Dun Aengus

by | May 13, 2021

On the Road to Dun Aengus

Earthy smell of cattle dung and salty air
as we bike along a path marked with stone walls,
walls stacked some 3000 years ago.

No one’s sweat but our own this day,
and that of other sightseers eager to climb
the prehistoric hill fort of Inis Mor.

Ancient spirits linger here.  And maybe
a descendant or two, like that local couple
we see sprawled on lounge chairs

in shadow of a rusted trailer, here to tend
their three cows grazing a fenced-in field
in this trace of a place they claim.

They show no need for us pedaling by.
What could we outliers teach them about
the heft of history, the breath of ghosts?

Barbara Conrad

Barbara Conrad is author of three poetry collections: The Gravity of Color, Wild Plums and There Is a Field; and editor of Waiting for Soup, an anthology from her writing group with folks who find themselves homeless. Her poems have appeared in Tar River Poetry, Atlanta Review, Nine Mile, NC Literary Review (finalist for James Applewhite Prize), Broad River, Pembroke and numerous anthologies. Her subjects range from ironic takes on life to hard truths about social injustice – hopefully with a bit of attitude. Barbara lived in Charlotte for forty years. In October 2020, she moved to Asheville, but continues her writing relationships with three critique groups in Charlotte.  [email protected]

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