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A Special Announcement

by | Jul 13, 2021

Commissioner Jim Fuller on Veterans Day 2019


At the conclusion of the announcements section of Tuesday night’s Town Board meeting, the Mayor paused briefly and asked Commissioner Jim Fuller if he had anything to say. Many of those gathered wondered what was coming their way.

Some likely thought that our Town Board senior member might wax poetically with the words of Shelley or Keats, or even Wordsworth or Shakespeare, But that was not to be – Instead Commissioner Jim Fuller chose the style of the man who brought us Green Eggs and Ham. The man who brought us Sam I Am.

“I’ll have to confess
That I still get quite nervous
When I mimic Dr. Seuss
And Robert W. Service

‘Cause I do love The Grinch
No matter what “they” say
I love that his heart
Grew three sizes that day

 As he helped a small town
Gave them all such good news
That they held hands and sang carols
They did that, the Who’s

Dangerous Dan had no heart
He sang a sad tune
While others had fun
At the Malamute Saloon.

It’s all about sharing and serving
At least I do think so
About helping each other
With all the things that we do know

That’s why I say “Thank You”
To Matthew, Jane, and Rusty
And Autumn and David
You have helped our town and you have helped me

I think so much of each one,
And the Town Staff as well.
Our citizens are lucky,
Their work is so swell.

Thanks Jamie, Kim, and Jason,
Doug, Amanda, and Betsy too.
Penny, and Ryan, and Pete,
To name just a few.

Thanks to Megan and Jesse
As loud as we can
And Leslie and Eugene,
And our new Mary Ann.

Now, I’ve got a secret
That I think I should share.
The best thing about them all?
They each really do care.

About our small town
And the good people who live here
They, like I, call it Camelot
And hold it so dear.

People love it and lead it
In so many ways.
Some do it right now,
Some in earlier days.

So, I reach back in time to say “Thank You”
To each earlier friend
With whom I was proud to serve
And warm fuzzies now send.

 My ol’ friend John, with Brian,
Laurie and Stacey, all left
We worked hard and together
With Rodney and Beth

It’s not even just they,
But those who came before.
Sandy, Connie, Randy, Margo, Tim and Jane,
Evan, Garfield, Russell, Cary, and more.

They’ve been very good sports
‘Cause I’m heavy as boulders
And for the entire last decade,
I’ve stood on their shoulders. 

There’s an important message
We should all take away.
We love our town and each other
In our own special way.

 So, there’s no “us” – there’s no “them”
Each one does belong.
When we all sing together
It’s a powerful song.

So, let’s go forward together
In a way, hand in hand.
As good friends, and good neighbors,
Each woman and man.

 The punch line comes next,
And it’s not very much fun.
But it’s time for me to say –
That I’m not going to run.

 I’m not tired; I’m not ill,
And I still love this town.
To everything there’s a season,
Not just “staying around.”

 As we go on from here
I won’t sit at this dais.
But I will lose absolutely none
Of my pro-Davidson bias.

I’ll help all I can
That’s truly a cinch.
That’ll make my heart grow 3 sizes
Like that lovable Grinch.

And with that, those assembled in the Town Board room started to applaud. Then one person stood, then another, and they all shared and showed their appreciation for everything said, and everything done.

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