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. . .And the Census Says

by | Aug 12, 2021

Last year we shared info from “MeckCounts” to encourage neighbors to complete their census. Some the data were released today.


Davidson’s population on April 1, 2020 was 15,106 and the population of the United States was 331,449,281.

And while it likely won’t come as a surprise to many folks in town, the rate of growth of the town’s population was substantially higher than the national trend.

In 2010 – the last decennial census year – the population of Davidson was 10,904. The population of the U.S. at the time was 308,745,538. So, while the U.S. population grew by 7.35%, Davidson’s population grew by 38.03%.

The following screenshots are from – where we drilled down into information for Davidson – 28036 as compared to the U.S. (the column on the far right).


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