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A Day Late and a Few Dollars Short

by | Sep 15, 2021


Have you ever forgotten someone’s birthday? Sure, we all have. But have you ever forgotten your own birthday? Golly.

We have been so busy, head down, getting our stories out to you that we just did it.

We like to remember September 2017. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, but so much has happened in the intervening four years, it was clearly a while back. We jumped into cyberspace on September 15, 2017, and we invited you to jump with us.

To tip us to good stories, sweet stories, sad stories, helpful stories. To check in every day, or maybe every week, and see not only what has happened, but what is coming up.

We promised a good heart and good intentions, and we think we have delivered.

For free.

Please, send us a Happy Birthday gift and a wish for many more, and we’ll be here to celebrate number five in September ’22!

Thank you.

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