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Barger Farm Tree Harvesting

by | Nov 15, 2021

Tree thinning is planned for the Barger tree farm in the coming weeks.

Tree harvesting or thinning is planned for the Barger farm area in the next few weeks which will likely draw questions from citizens. Here is some information regarding the tree thinning that is planned under the North Carolina forestry management program:

  • These plots are in the NC Forestry Management plan and are thinned every 14-16 years. Followed by another thinning about 6-7 years after.
  • Thinning will help the best specimens grow into larger quality trees by increasing sunlight and air flow to remaining trees.
  • The trees in this program are no different than any other “crop”, they will all be harvested at some point.
  • The logging guys will post signage while working and will cross the greenway regularly at 1305 Concord Rd.

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