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Walk, Drive (Don’t Dash) to Better Support Davidson Restaurants

by | Jan 19, 2022

Support Davidson Ice House and all our local restaurants -skip those food delivery apps.


You may have seen the television ads featuring the Domino’s Pizza’s owner, who has bought gift cards to other restaurants. I knew that delivery apps charge the customer a fee, but until seeing the Domino’s ad, I wasn’t aware that delivery apps also charge the restaurant. Restaurants are often hit hard by the large chunk of money that the delivery services take from their bottom line.

I spoke with Jennifer Brulé, owner of Davidson Ice House. Jen explained that delivery services charge restaurants 25 percent (or more) of the cost of the total order.

We love our local restaurants and want them to thrive. According to Jen, the best way to support your favorite restaurant is:

Order online through the restaurant’s website (calling requires the restaurant to have someone answering the phone).

After ordering online, pick up your order. Many restaurants are willing to bring food orders to your car.

News of Davidson encourages you to try this way to support our local restaurants that, in turn, support our community in countless ways.

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