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Davidson Police and CMPD Youth Diversion Program

by | Feb 12, 2022


Members of the Davidson Police Department at the 2019 National Night Out event at Roosevelt Wilson Park.

Davidson Police recently met with representatives of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) for implementation as a part of the CMPD Youth Diversion Program. Officers and Investigators will be able to discuss diversion options with victims of crime involving juvenile offenders. Since North Carolina enacted new juvenile standards and application of criminal statutes on juvenile offenders, the options for diversion of youthful offenders is often sought by victims and the parents of first-time juvenile offenders.
We are continually seeking options for decreasing recidivism for juveniles and equitable application of the laws for all while holding the individual accountable for criminal acts. The CMPD Youth Diversion Program has proven to be a successful model for doing both. The goal of the CMPD Diversion Program is to break the cycle of juvenile justice involvement and an arrest record for youth who commit first-time misdemeanor offenses. The program affords Mecklenburg County residents ages 6 – 17 the opportunity to participate in and successfully complete the program as an alternative to criminal prosecution.
Participation of our department is covered under a Memorandum of Understanding Agreement. Directing a case for diversion is easily requested by Officers or Investigators through the Davidson Police Department’s use of KBCOPS (a records management system provided for decades by CMPD to DPD through interlocal agreement). Grant funding has offset costs and funding is being renewed based on the success of the program.
Victims will decide to decline or agree to allow the case to be directed to the diversion program. The program allows for limited restitution should it be a part of the offense type. The Youth Diversion Program​ is designed and administered by CMPD in partnership with several social service agencies in Mecklenburg County. The purpose is to offer qualified juveniles the opportunity to avoid prosecution in the court system. Parent and Juvenile will attend an 8-hour life skills class or Teen Court to successfully complete the program.
A child is referred to the program due to involvement in a misdemeanor offense (lesser category criminal offense). These offenses may include simple assault, larceny, trespassing, public affray, communicating threats, disorderly conduct, damage to property, weapons law violations and alcohol/drug violations.
The Town of Davidson Police Department cultivates these types of regional partnerships as a part of our efforts to be a safe community while following best practices for addressing issues of crime and juvenile justice.

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