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Conversation with Etheleen Jetton, Author of “God I Am Not My Hair”

by | Feb 15, 2022

Etheleen Jetton

Etheleen Jetton’s motto: “If you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible.”

I recently spoke with Etheleen Jetton of Davidson about her book,”God, I Am Not My Hair.” In her book, Etheleen shares her personal experiences, fears, and spiritual growth along her journey of hair loss caused by an auto-immune iron deficiency. She started writing her book in 2007, the year she was ordained as a minister.

Etheleen started losing her hair at age 16, an age when teenagers are particularly sensitive about their appearance. At the time, she was living in Mount Vernon, New York with her mother and her Aunt Linda. When her mother decided to move back to Charlotte, Aunt Linda encouraged Etheleen to stay in New York to finish school. Etheleen honors these two strong women in her life by dedicating the book to her mother and crediting Aunt Linda for teaching her so much about life.

Etheleen decided to write this book to help others who may be experiencing similar situations in their lives. The title is a plea to God to judge her on “what’s inside.” She wants to share that “if she got through this, you can too.”

“God, I Am Not My Hair” is written in the form of a study book, with questions to consider after each chapter. Etheleen’s book is self-published (a friend in Atlanta helped with the publishing process) and is available on Amazon. Etheleen is hoping to have a local book signing in April or May. She is currently working on her second book, “My Son Needed Me” about helping her 31-year-old son with issues in his life.

Etheleen sees her book as one of the many ways she is able to help people in our community.  She is married to Danny Jetton and they have three adult sons.

Allyson Ray

Allyson Ray has lived in and loved Davidson since 1996. She is a retired financial planner who enjoys retirement more than anyone she knows.

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