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Further Information Released About Lingle Hut Vandalism

by | Feb 21, 2022

Vandalism and illegal entering at the Lingle Hut, Reeves Temple AME Zion Church. (Photo taken in September 2021 by Bill Giduz.)


Last Friday a press conference was held at Reeve’s Temple AME Zion Church to discuss the vandalism that occurred at historic Lingle Hut last September.

Following the press conference, several Charlotte-based television stations queried the Davidson Police Department about additional details surrounding the vandalism that occurred last September.

The town posted updated information to their website Thursday night, and News of Davidson covered the original news of the break-in in September 2021. 

The following additional information was posted on the Town’s web site in the form of questions and answers.


Can you confirm if a criminal investigation was opened by your office into vandalism in Sept. 2021 on Lingle Hut? 

Officers responded for initial investigation on September 5, 2021 with follow-up on multiple dates in September, October, November & December.


If so, can you confirm if juveniles or adults were involved and if the investigation is still open? 

Six juveniles, one 18-year-old adult, and the investigation has been sent to the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office and NC Department of Juvenile Justice with requests for petitions for arrest of the juveniles and a court summons was issued by a Mecklenburg County Magistrate for the adult.  The case remains open.


From Davidson PD’s knowledge, is there evidence that this may have been racially motivated? 

There is no evidence the actions were racially or hate motivated.  There were no racial or hate statements or signs at the scene. The offenders are of different races, including white, mixed race, and African American.


Can you confirm if in lieu of criminal charges your office offered the people involved 4 hours of community service and ordered them to pay $1,000 in restitution? 

The Davidson Police Department did discuss the filing option through the youth/juvenile diversion program with Reverend Davis and Trustees.  The limitations of the restitution in the youth/juvenile diversion program were provided since this is a criteria for the case to be considered an option for crime victims.  We also explained a court may determine a different level of restitution.  The church wanted the Police Department to discuss a civil settlement with the families of the juveniles.  We cannot and will not participate in a civil remedy negotiation for a criminal act.


Can you confirm if your office told the Reeves Temple Church, that due to the law, you were unable to arrange for the people involved to pay more than $1,000 in restitution and have 4 days of community service? 

The church asked to meet with the offender’s families to ask if they would agree to pay greater than $1,000 in restitution.  We cannot and will not negotiate for a civil settlement as a remedy for a criminal act as a law enforcement agency.  This is not done by law enforcement agencies as our primary duties in a criminal investigation is to investigate, gather evidence, make arrests if warranted, and present cases for criminal prosecution.  Some victims of crime will approach or agree to civil agreements outside of the criminal justice system.


If so, can you voluntarily send our organization a copy of the law or policy which states this?

See above. This is a matter of ethics and our duties as a law enforcement agency.  We can only refer cases to government diversion programs or present the case for prosecution by the State of North Carolina through District Attorney’s Offices in the counties we serve (Mecklenburg and Iredell).


Can you confirm if you have presented your findings into the church incident to the District Attorney’s office in Mecklenburg County. 

Yes, the church notified us on December 27, 2021 of the direction they wanted us to take and the Detective delivered the documents in Charlotte on January 7, 2022.  The case has been sent to the NC Department of Juvenile Justice by the District Attorney’s Office per processing of cases involving juveniles.


What sort of damage occurred inside? 

A fire extinguisher was sprayed throughout the building and obscene images (male genitalia) were crudely drawn in the powder.  Loose boards from the ceiling were found dislodged inside.


Are you able to share photos? 

No, the case is open and pending review for action by the NC Department of Juvenile Justice and Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office.


Can you provide an estimate on the cost of damage? 

Approximately $2,000.

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