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Davidson’s Lil’ Book Club

by | Jun 8, 2022

Lil’ Book Club Founders (Bill Giduz photo)

In the fall of 2021, Debbie Lolla and Donna Early began planning the Lil’ Book Club.

They hoped it would be a way to get children reading, singing, and crafting about life’s most important lessons:

Lil’ Book Club (Bill Giduz photo)

kindness, empathy, and friendship. The have held six book club meetings this spring at the offices of LKN-SLP (above Main Street Books) on Saturdays during the hours of the Davidson Farmer’s Market. They have enjoyed bringing books to life and connecting with the children of the Davidson community.

Lil’ Book Club (Bill Giduz photo)

Lil’ Book Club hosted one more spring event on Saturday, June 4. It took place in the garden behind Flatiron restaurant.¬† They joined with their friend Sara Rubens from Seed to Sanctuary in order to connect children to the concept of “growing and changing.” ¬†They read the book, We Are Growing, by Mo Willems and Laurie Keller. Children were engaged in a lesson about the similarities of people and plants growing and changing. There was a craft, original music to sing, a gardening lesson, and each child took home a bean plant.

The News of Davidson’s intrepid photographer, Bill Giduz, captured some pictures of this fun event.

Marguerite Williams

Marguerite (Margo) Williams is a novelist ("Madame President"), editor, and business owner of A Way With Words. She has lived in Davidson since 1977. Visit her at her website.

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