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Reader: You Caught Us Up!

by | Jun 30, 2022

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Reader: You caught us up!

We sincerely thank you.

We asked what News of Davidson means to you, and we’ve heard your generous answer! We are verklempt, overwhelmed, and much more relaxed as we do our daily work for News of Davidson.

You are reading and listening and showing us that this community news site matters to you. Not only can we stay afloat with your support, but we’re buoyed! Our fingers dance over the keyboard, we joyfully focus and press the camera shutter, humming a little tune as we edit and post our stories of this unique community.

Now we can greet July with half of our 2022 budget in the bank and a bit of a head start on our December 30 goal of $5,000.

If you still plan to support this work, don’t hold back! Make a gift, and we will keep calm and carry on with work we love and keep you caught up.

Meg Kimmel

A professional communicator with a long career in higher education, Meg now consults and volunteers in areas where words and images work together to tell a story. She's a proud member of Davidson's Class of 1977 and lives nearby with her husband, Don, Davidson professor emeritus of biology, with whom she shares a family grown by kinship and choice.

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