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My Imaginary Thoughts About How God Might Feel About the Recent Pictures from the Webb Space Telescope

by | Jul 17, 2022

“Cosmic Cliffs” – the edge of a nearby, young, star-forming region called NGC 3324 in the Carina Nebula. The telescope’s infrared view reveals previously invisible areas of star birth. (Image Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI)

Well, I must admit that even I am impressed with what you have created but to be truthful, which I always am, it is because it helps you be impressed with what I’ve created. You say you are peering back in time at that “time” I clapped my hands and it all happened. No, I don’t really have hands but you people of mine need images to understand, to understand as best you can.

Your minds have come up with a time number; 13.8 billion years and you call it a “big bang.” That’s a pretty good image, too, I suppose. Time seems very important to you. It’s not so important to me. One of my better writers put it thus, “A thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past or as a watch in the night.”

Just before time began, I got in touch with my creativity and thought up what you are now seeing. I have observed your ever-seeking spirits over the years. Of course, “years” is a relative term when you measure it all in the billions. Your seeking comes from me. I wanted you to explore your origins. It is, yet, another way you will discover who else…me.

I love the way you have to name things – stars, galaxies, black holes, planets, quasars, nebulae, solar systems; the list goes on. In one of the better stories, you wrote about me you might remember I am the one who taught you how to name things. Adam needed something to do before he got busy worrying about Eve so I let him name things – trees, lions, tigers, bears…you know.

So, now you are, again, marveling at my heavens. Before your new telescope, another observer said it this way, “When I look at the heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and that stars that you have established, what are mortals that you are mindful of them?”          

So, I just want you to know that, as you peer back into time looking for the moment of my Creation, I wish to remind you of a secret. Are you ready?  I did it because of you. I wanted you to look for me. In the midst of it all, I sent a star child to let you know that just beyond that bang you heard, there is another kind of time.

You call it “eternity.” That’s a pretty good word since you always need words. So, I will close with what I was thinking just before time began: “I love you. I always will. Keep on looking.”

Dr. Jody Seymour

Jody Seymour retired after serving Davidson United Methodist Church as Senior Pastor for 13 years and being a pastor for forty-six years in the Western North Carolina Conference. He is the author of six books and resides just outside of Davidson with his wife, Betsy.

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