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Get Your “Sheet Signs” Ready for Steph!

by | Aug 22, 2022

“Vintage photo” from the Wildcats’ 2008 NCAA run.


Hundreds of houses flew bedsheets from their front yards and porches to show support for the Wildcats basketball team, led by star guard Stephen Curry, as they played through the Sweet 16 bracket and took on Kansas in the NCAA tournament Elite 8. Now, Davidson alumnus and NBA MVP Stephen Curry will return to campus Aug. 31 for a celebration of his commencement, induction into the Davidson College Athletics Hall of Fame, and jersey retirement. The college and Town of Davidson encourage residents to once again break out the bed sheets and share your message of congratulations for Stephen Curry the week of Aug. 31.

This Davidson town tradition began with Davidson resident Joanne Shackelford, who used to hang sheets from her house to celebrate just about any occasion. Hundreds of homes flew sheets in her honor the Valentine’s Day before she succumbed to cancer.

More recently, people used sheets to cheer on first responders and healthcare providers during COVID-19.

A “sheet sign” along Avinger Lane in early 2020.


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